These had me laughing out loud and crying. I feel drained.

Two more of Ze Frank’s videos. I’m not really sure what exactly the man does. I’ve begun to suspect he may be a Professional Genius. Will investigate further.

Sad Dog Diary


Sad Cat Diary


Funniest nature videos ever made!

I Stumbled on one of Ze Frank’s videos tonight and haven’t been able to stop watching them. The narration is hilarious. They do a great job taking pieces of video from here and there and assembling it into a perfect complement to the amusing, but informative, narration.

If you have some horribly monstrous ADHD kids you’re trying to get learned, try these videos out. They might absorb a thing or two by osmosis while laughing.

True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp

They should give these guys a damned TV show. Seriously.