We say we support our Troops. Do we really?

Right now I’m watching a television show that originally aired in Australia in 2009.  It’s a show that basically criticizes the way the world works, be it the news, government, banks, whatever. Their official goal is to “tell you something that you didn’t know”. It’s called “Hungry Beast” and it needs to come to America!

Enough back-story, now to my issue.

I picked up on something the show didn’t expect me to though. At the time of airing, they’d obviously committed a small amount of troops to the war in Afghanistan because only 11 had died since the war started, while America has lost thousands.

The show showed news clips of, what it seemed like, every one of those soldier’s deaths being reported. Now, with America having such a bigger mass of troops committed to the war, I guess every troop’s death couldn’t be reported individually, scratch that, I think they deserve at least that! Because as of right now, I’m not sure that they’re much more than mere numbers to us. These are America’s children, America’s Sons and Daughters, these are America’s future leaders we’re talking about. Americans brave enough to walk into a recruiting office knowing they’re putting their life at a very great risk. I don’t know what the odds are of them coming home from that war, but I’m not sure that they did when they signed up, either. Maybe the news could help with those figures.

My gripe isn’t with the Armed Forces for not clearly explaining the risks that they’re about to sign up to take, or even the “Stop-Loss” policy that somehow I suspect G.W. Bush had something to do with, which keeps soldiers from receiving their honorable discharges at the end of the term that they signed up for, rather, they can be and often are forced to serve for as long as needed. Needless to say, that’s another thing that brings me much shame as an American.

My gripe is with the news. The reason for my gripe is for the news no longer being the news. The “news” has become infotainment. Ratings driven drivel! Their mission statement has gone from informing people about what’s going on in the world or even in your town, whether it would be good for ratings or not. As I understand it, in return for the government giving the rights to use the airwaves to make a profit in return for preforming a public service. They chose to do the news to fulfill that obligation. I say that they’re now failing to do that these days.

The antics of ‘sexyceleb’ are not news-worthy. They’re not a public service. They’re reported on for profit, and that in and of itself is scary. We’d rather here about ‘sexyceleb’ having a public breakdown and going after her husband’s vehicle with one of his golf clubs for instance. Maybe this should be the stuff of an entertainment show, not to say that it’s necessarily any of our damn business to begin with though. Which brings me back to my original point, If we’re going to say that we support our troops, how about we demand that they’re honored in a way commencerate with their and their families’ sacrifice? The news is on 24 hours a day on multiple cable networks, which is plenty of time to show us the Americans who have died fighting wars for our country in recent past.

I’ll tell you one thing. If they replaced Glenn Beck with a memoriam for our fallen soldiers, I’d make damn sure I watched it. And for all the lies and misinformation that Fox News tells in a day, I think they owe at least that much, to honor their commitment to provide a public service to America’s citizens.

May God Bless our Country and every Troop that fights to protect it.



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