Just some thoughts…

The most crucial time for freedom of speech is sadly when so many people feel it wouldn’t be proper to express themselves, during times of war. It’s important to talk about these things – is there any better way to form an educated opinion than to talk with your friends and co-workers about whatever conflict is being sold to the country, rarely for the actual reasons, but rather than some poll-tested, thrice regurgitated, fear inspiring sound byte that gets the media drooling in their coffee real good and arousing the news producers to such a degree that there’s a noticeable dip in Viagra’s stock price.

But the powers that be rather us not think too hard about anything they’re doing, rather we be uneducated, uncaring, and especially as uninvolved little pussycats. It’s when we speak up, voice our opinions and demand to be heard that things get complicated for them.

See, they have all these buddies that have a rather loose grip on their checkbooks and that’s really quite important when you have to raise thousands of dollars a day if you have any interest in getting re-elected. Further complicating things – they can’t fund raise on government property, so to raise this money they’ve got to leave work. I know, I know, sounds like the system’s irrevocably broken BUT –  it’s probably much worse than you think.

Buy-in-large our elected officials pretty much do whatever someone’s willing to pay them to do – which is always going to be the huge multi-national corporation. Those “buddies” I mentioned earlier – they’re called lobbyists – the corporations employ them to be a liason with the powers that be to make sure they get as much of our money as they can and to keep as much as possible.

And we’re going to keep getting screwed whether we know it’s happening or not – our taxes are going to keep going up, and not to pay down the national debt – or to help fund health care for people who can’t afford it – or even to keep our roads pot-hole free. By a large percentage it goes to sweetheart tax breaks those darn lobbyists negotiate or for a weapons system or a fighter jet that doesn’t work or that the military doesn’t want or need, just to keep the unemployment down in their state while keeping the state’s bigger employers busy making shit.

What’s kinda sad is when it comes to budgets – the Military’s is not to be messed with, in fact it can’t be, even for the most important of reasons. Let’s say that congress unanimously decides that – in this hypothetical situation – There’s no war going on so a bit of the Military’s budget should be used for a more humanitarian purpose. Well, sorry! Starve you fuckers – we want our missiles!

I’d like to collect $1 from every person in the country and use it to hire lobbyists to get things done for people who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on campaign contributions to negotiate to get things that they want. I wonder if that would work. I’d pay a dollar to have a lobbyist fight for the things that I want – wouldn’t you? Really…. Wouldn’t you?


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