Would Socialism really be worse than whatever we’ve really got going on now?

Everyone’s whining about how Obama is trying to turn us all into socialists. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the 297 million of us Americans have a little help staying healthy so that we can continue to help the 3 million of the uber rich to collect their profits. The amount we’ve spent on the war in Iraq thus far could have paid for health care for a decade or two if I’m not mistaken, and we’d actually have more people alive rather than all of our brave soldiers being sent over there to insure that our supply of oil remain uninterrupted, but under the guise of something else entirely.

Something like 90 percent of the wealth in America is held by the top one percent of Americans. Just think about how scary that is. For those of us who are lucky enough just to have jobs, we have the privilege of living in this great country and along with that comes, for 99 percent of us, we get to fight over 1% of the pie. It’s not like the top 1% have jobs that are 99 times harder than ours.

I wish I had the mental ability at the moment to scour the web in an attempt to pack this post full of convincing statistics, but I’d rather just skip that step.

There are just some things that should remain non-profit in this world we live in. I don’t think anyone should have the right to become rich by letting the lesser amongst us die. An insurance adjuster’s job is to go over a claim with a fine tooth comb and search for any reason they can find to deny that claim, whether it be for an experimental treatment, a costly surgery, or a misplaced comma. These agents are doing the devil’s work, letting people die that have been paying their insurance premiums, likely for years, just so they could have the peace of mind that when something happens, they’d be protected.

I wonder how many of you out there can’t put yourself in that situation. You’ve paid thousands and thousands of dollars into what is often a broken system, but you trust that it won’t happen to you. You trust that when you get cancer, heart disease, or maybe some awful auto-immune disease that turns your body against itself, you’ll be protected. You have faith, whether it be in god or simply in the goodness of others that after paying all that money, they wouldn’t let you die, would they? I’ll tell you what, they may go to hell for doing so, but your God isn’t going to stop someone from letting you die to save a buck.

It makes me wonder why nobody has opened a not-for-profit insurance company, maybe with a sliding scale, premiums based on income to a point? A company that tries to say yes, instead of no. I know I’d be insured with them, in a heartbeat.

But what I think would be even better would be to let everyone have the option of going on Medicare. It’s more efficient than any of the private insurers, to an amazing degree. When you have a large portion of a country with a single insurer, that’s an amazing buying power. Just like Home Depot gets the greatest prices on whatever they decide to stock compared to what “Tom’s Nuts n’ Bolts” down the street gets, Medicare would have doctors falling over themselves to be a part of the network, and at the rates that Medicare wants.

I will tell you one thing from experience. When I was growing up my father made enough money but decided to live in this house that was way too big for our family of four, so we were house poor. So, no poor kid insurance. So I didn’t have insurance until 6 months into my first job around the time I turned 19. I was very lucky though. I never got seriously ill. Writing this, I have to wonder what would have happened if I had. Would I have been handed a death sentence?

I want for my kids, when I have them, and your kids, and for everyone in America to be have insurance, whether they can afford it privately or not. Is that such a silly dream? I hope not.

Well, I could go on and on about this being that these are some of the things I’m passionate about, but I digress. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is there anyone out there reading this? Say HI!



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